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 posted by: Patricia on 10/17/2018

Please pray for my complete restoration and joy and breakthrough Read More

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 posted by: Humphrey on 5/19/2018

Beloved Would you kindly pray that a woman named Simone would accept Jesus as Lord of her... Read More

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 posted by: Martina on 4/29/2018

Please pray for my health. I suffer from a serious liver and pancreas desease. Please pray for... Read More

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Fervent prayer

 posted by: on 4/24/2018

Thank you for uniting with me in prayer. God with His GPS knows where my we all are. As a point... Read More

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 posted by: Sarah liela on 4/20/2018

Hi, Thanks a lot my Lovely God for answering all my prayers, Plz pray I get my miracles soon and... Read More

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