Levite Ministry

The Levite ministry is one of the most important ministries in the church because without it we would not have the many tools and equipment ready for utilization in our Sunday morning services.
The Levites were descendants of Levi, set apart as ministers in duties pertaining to the tabernacle.

Under the Levites were three divisions that helped them with the duties
of the temple, Gershonites, Kohathities, Merarites.
Some of their responsibilities were,
  1. Charge of the tabernacle in camp and on the march. (Numbers 1:50-53, 3:66-9, 4:1-15,17-19)
  2. Porters of the door.  
  3. Overseers in the building and repairs of   the   temple. (1Chron.23:2-4, Ezra 3:8-9)
  4. Kohathites, under Hezekiah, helped to cleanse the temple. (Chron.29:12,15)